Has Been Hijacked

Something has exploited the movement to destroy its purpose

Why are they doing this at such an important time?

There are some protesters think they can hide behind Black Lives Matter to engage in reckless violence, burn down businesses, steal donation opportunities, and march upon the homes of the innocent.

They appropriate the hardships of African Americans and offering nothing to the black community in return.

The Want You Scared

They Create Bad PR

As long as these people go undetected, they will create bad headlines for BLM.

They Create Enemies

Every time they smash a building, they create enemies for life.

They Justify Disproportionate Response

Law enforcement secures greater focus and funding as a result of these infiltrators.

This guide explains the motives behind the people using Black Lives Matter to undermine and ruin the movement.

It explains the violence, who is perpetrating it, and how to identify those promoting it.

The writers consulted with experienced and proven analysts on research, crime, politics, revolutionary theory, and psychology to help you find who these people are.

Read the Guide to understand what to do

Communicate with your peers and friends

Work together and protect one another

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2020 Doesn't Have To Be Like This

They’re hijacking Black Lives Matter

They’re hijacked black communities

They’re trying to hijack you

You can change everything

Choose Freedom Over Fear