Black Lives Matter Has Three Parts:

The true message

The healthy movement

And a corrupt organization

Black lives not only matter, but they contribute to American communities.  Families form the essential backbone of many black businesses.

Black business ownership of health care, social assistance, remediation, and professional services has expanded 32% over the past 40 years, providing an vital stream of income for black communities.

End Racism

Black Lives Matter has successfully brought attention, focus, discussion, and solutions to the plights of the black community, especially during the COVID era.

ActBlue is a nonprofit conduit that takes money from many small donors and funnels it into various political causes. In the week following the killing of George Floyd, ActBlue raised $19 million.

How much has ActBlue given back to black communities?

This chart shows how much money ActBlue made in 2018. They pulled in $23 million and gave $6.7 million to an organization known as Thousand Currents.  They also gave $5 million to a group called Alliance for Global Justice.

Thousand Currents gave $2.6 million to the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation.  Alliance for Global Justice took at least 7% of the money they received and gave no more than $4.69 million to the Movement for Black Lives.

From ActBlue’s initial $23.5 million revenue, between $2.6 million and $7.29 million made it to Black Lives Matter.  

In 2018, between 11% and 31% of the donations ActBlue raised in the name of George Floyd went to Black Lives Matter.  How little of that went into actual black communities is unknown.  It is becoming very difficult to hide that Black Profits Matter the most to groups like ActBlue.

Money Flow

These organizations keep huge amounts of the donations they raise on behalf of Black Lives Matter.  The black communities of America see this shell game and are starting to rightfully call it out.

The Want You Scared

They Harm The Message

BLM organizations pay their long-time friends to bring violence to the local areas black communities rely upon.

They Harm Black Communities

The professional agitators hired by BLM organizations make no distinction between black-owned businesses and black-owned businesses that rely on local support.

The Harm Black Reputation

BLM organizations bus people from out-of-state to cause havoc to local areas... and then leave all of the blame on black communities in the surrounding areas.

When many of the Black Lives Matter organizations raise money off of black tragedies and suffering, we know they keep at least 69% of it for themselves to pay their friends.

So who are these well-paid friends?

This guide explains who these friends are and why the Black Lives Matter organizations wants to keep them paid.  The more these friends can promote conflict around the Black Lives Matter message, the more money the organizations can keep for themselves.

The message behind the Black Lives Matter movement comes from several important motivations: empowerment, hope, community, and excitement.  In-depth interviews with the well-paid agitators within the organization revealed why they saw Black Lives Matter as a chance to further their professional political careers.

They also demonstrated little interest in actual black community stewardship.

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