You And China Have A Relationship

"Made In China" is a phrase you know very well

But China does more than make cheap stuff

They also influence everything you rely on

Grab any item in your house and look for the “Made In China” label and you are sure to find it.  But how did this happen?

China is home to 1.39 billion people.  This huge amount of people drives the cost of their labor down.  The lack of Chinese labor laws and environmental regulations also help keep labor costs so low, China became the preferred labor source of the world for decades.

Mao and History

America and China have long been in a tenuous and often dramatic relationship with one another.  For most of us, the geopolitical complexity surrounding the Korean War, the Vietnam War, tensions of Taiwan, Nixon and Kissinger’s normalization of US-Chinese trade relations, and our current disputes with China looks like dusty academic history.

To China, these events are very important.

The China of the past is one of patience, solitude, simplicity, and action based on wisdom and contemplation.  After decades of entrapping the world to rely on their cheap labor (often at the expense of those nations), a New China has emerged.

This New China has not only accumulated wealth and power, but the desire to use both for their advantage.  China no longer simply produces cheap goods.  They now have significant and capable influence over world health, American academic institutions, high-tech cyber power, mass media and mass culture, Wall Street, core parts of the American government, and even our own military.

While 2020 has been a time of anger and strife for us all, bipartisan support for this  aggressive New China remains both indisputable and widely celebrated.  Both corporate think-tanks and their academic counterparts see this New China as an ally and a potential investor for their efforts.

What has New China done with all of this power and influence?

The world has been forced to bend the knee to the coronavirus outbreak, an outbreak that originated from Wuhan, one of China’s most essential and centrally connected citiesHow did China respond to this?  First, they established control over 90% of the medical ingredients used to care for critically ill patients.  Then they gave us defective COVID testing kits.  

The world has been locked down for months.  Small businesses and families all over the nation have been ruined.  Everyone’s future has been delayed.  Anyone who doesn’t agree with the official origin being bat soup has been targeted by mass media, “fact checkers“, high-tech censorship, social bullying, and legal threats.

Global health institutions, funded extensively by American money, made it their top priority to protect China in response to your suffering.

Abusing Racial Unrest

Chinese officials have demonstrated support for Black Lives Matter while denying discussion of it within China.

Seizing Academia

There are 75 Confucius Institute outreach efforts active on American campuses right now, training faculty, professors, and students to reduce criticism of China.

Repeating Pandemics

COVID-19 is only the latest disease to have emerged from China.  Variations of avian flu and swine flu also came from China.

Bank of America and Bloomberg provide financial and material support for a Tsinghua University program dedicated to the creation and delivery of official state propaganda.

And while American companies are openly supporting Chinese universities, China is actively undermining our education. China has set up 75 “Confucius Institutes” in schools like UCLA and Stanford to ensure American students only know official state propaganda about Chinese history and policy.

China has an interest in making sure your children are educated to not stand in the way and is paying big money to make that happen.  In fact, they’ve dedicated an annual budget of $10 billion for this effort. 

TikTok is more than just another app for teens.

It’s been caught multiple times secretly spying on millions of iPhone users and lying to American journalists about the spying.

The Chinese version of TikTok scans peoples faces to make sure a user can’t do live streaming if there are non-Chinese people around.  This feature was deployed in the Hong Kong protests to make sure video footage of crackdowns from Chinese authorities couldn’t be streamed to sympathetic foreign audiences.

The Justice Department has stated fears of the Chinese government using it’s laws to force TikTok into collecting blackmail on Americans.

And when China isn’t stealing your personal data or using technology to control how you see their actions, they are actively stealing intellectual property from 20% of American corporations.

In some cases, American companies just hand over advanced military-trade artificial intelligence technology to China for free.


China has had Hollywood dreams for decades. They purchased Legendary Entertainment (Jurassic Park, The Dark Knight, etc.) as well as American theater chains such as AMC Entertainment and Carmike. Hollywood studios have rushed to create films for the $9.3B Chinese audience while happily allowing Chinese authorities to modify these films however they see fit.

In addition to owning Hollywood, China has been purchasing over $7B in real estate throughout major California metros since 2014. They own another $86B in real estate throughout America. As of 2016, China held $208B of U.S.-government-backed real estate bonds.

Any Chinese money that isn’t sunk into Hollywood or California real estate gets spent in Silicon Valley. At their peak in 2018, Chinese venture capital backed $10.8B in deals for American tech startups dedicated to artificial intelligence, robotics, autonomous vehicles, virtual reality and gene editing.  China owns an interlocking portfolio of vital California assets to make sure Hollywood and Silicon Valley always serves the needs of China.

To the delight of Wall Street, Beijing has opened their economy to US firms and investors. This has given China considerable and direct control over the average American. When the general manager of the Houston Rockets made a single tweet in support of Hong Kong, China retaliated by depriving the NBA of vendor contracts and game air time. When China doesn’t get their way, they use the markets as a hostage and punish average Americans.

China increasingly threatens to flood the world markets with $1T in American treasury bonds. This would drastically increase the price of the Chinese exports American rely on.

China’s version of PayPal is trying to get listed on American and Hong Kong stock exchanges. The company is valued at $200B and a successful listing will be seen as another example of Chinese money allowing the world to turn a blind eye to its escalating abuse of power.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin is in the position to ensure the markets are functioning without increasing its reliance on Chinese ambitions.

Freedom Bird Is Startled

New China’s increasing power has been demonstrated as decades of lost manufacturing jobs, a global pandemic and it’s endless lockdowns, and opportunistic instigation of racial tensions

They’ve infiltrated of our education system to teach our kids to love China.  Their influence over Hollywood and Silicon Valley allows them to  deploy high-tech censorship to suppress of any art and expression China doesn’t like.  Chinese money controls how Wall Street thinks about investment. 

China wants you out of the way so it can do whatever it wants… and it’s working

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